Summit Park Shul Building Campaign

Since its inception three years ago, The Summit Park Shul has seen extraordinary growth as many new families were welcomed to our Kehilla. The warmth and achdus within our shul community coupled with our diverse membership have created a vibrant and flourishing atmosphere. With gratitude to Hashem we now face a great need of finding a new home for our expanding Kehilla.

Main FloorBasement

Dedication Opportunities

Please complete the pledge form for dedications.

Name Dedication $200,000.00
Mikvah $150,000.00
Main Bais Medrash $100,000.00
Aron Kodesh $25,000.00
Ezras Nashim $25,000.00
Simcha Room $20,000.00
Main Entrance $20,000.00
Bima $12,500.00
Ner Tamid $12,000.00
Playground $10,000.00
Kitchen $10,000.00
Amud $10,000.00
Side Entrance $10,000.00
Mechitza $10,000.00
Rabbi’s Shtender $7,500.00
Paroches $7,500.00
Paroches – Y.N. $7,500.00
Coatroom $5,000.00
Sukkah/Patio $5,000.00
Yahrzeit Board $5,000.00
Chandelier (3) $4,000.00
Bima cover $3,600.00
Bima cover – Y.N. $3,600.00
Washing Station $3,500.00
Coffee Station $3,000.00
Announcements Board $3,000.00
Amud Cover $3,000.00
Amud Cover – Y.N $3,000.00
Main Shul Mezuzah $2,500.00
Chanuka Menorah $1,800.00
Mashiv Haruach board $1,500.00
Tablecloths $1,500.00
Sefiras Haomer Board $1,000.00
Seforim – (5) $1,000.00
Siddurim/Chumashim – (2) $1,000.00
Main Shul window $1,000.00
Bookshelves – (10) $500.00
Modim sign – (2) $500.00
Large rear clock $500.00
Chairs – (10) $500.00
Side clocks – (2) $360.00
Birchas Kohein mats $360.00
First aid kits $360.00
Mezuzas – (15) $300.00
Pushka $250.00
Tables – (30) $250.00
Patron $360.00
Sponsor $180.00

Our Rabbi’s Message

אהב כסף לא ישבע כסף ומי אהב המון לא תבואה גם זה הבל – קהלת ה:ט

The wisest of all men writes in Koheles (5:9) “umi oheiv behamon lo s’vuah, gam zeh havel”. Rashi explains this to mean, that even one  loves doing many mitzvos, nevertheless, if amongst them there isn’t a mitzvah that’s defined and lasting, such as to building a Beis Hamedrash or a Beis Hakneses or writing a beautiful Sefer Torah, that too is vanity. Shlomo Hamelech teaches us that even if one does many mitzvos with one’s money, if one doesn’t use one’s resources to build a Shul or write a Sefer Torah, that too, is folly. The Yefei Toar on the Medrash in Parshas Achrei explains the reason is because a Shul and the like is something that stays around well after one leaves this world, and this way one can reap the benefits of the dividends of this mitzvah long after one’s lifetime.

If we got advice from any so called investment maven as to where to place our money we’d pay serious attention. If we got a guarantee of terrific returns we wouldn’t hesitate. Shlomo Hamelech was the wisest man to walk the earth. He gives us an investment tip. He says build a shul. The zechusim one procures by investing in the building of a Beis Hamedrash, is  exponential and long lasting, as it’s constantly growing based on the use of the Shul. The returns are guaranteed.

This shul that we will build with the help of Hashem Yisborach, will be a makom Torah and a makom Tefilla for the entire community; this is an incredible investment opportunity. I urge each and every one in the community and outside it to partake in this extraordinary mitzvah, and it should be a tremendous zechus for all of us and our families. We should all be zoche to have a “chelek” in this “Mikdash Me’at” and in that zechus we should all be zoche to see the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdosh, b’mheira v’yameinu.

– Rabbi Shlomo Perlstein

Help Us Reach Our Goal, Spread The Word!

We are all in this together. We will I”YH reach our goal and we won’t stop working until we get there. Please help support our mission today!

Please help us reach our goal by donating generously – with YOUR generous support this project Iy”h succeed!

Our goal is to have daily minyanim, shiurim, and hopefully a kollel using our new building, and every dollar we can raise will help this dream become a reality.

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